How It Works

4BULLS.GAME is an NFT-based fantasy battle game that offers 3 unique opportunities for its players: (1) to win unique NFTs via battles, (2) to stake “Rare” NFTs and earn 4B tokens, and (3) to stake 4B tokens.

To play the game, a user first has to obtain a “Common” NFT (a bull) that is currently available for purchase here. Then, with his or her “bull” NFT(s), the user can create a fantasy battle or join an existing battle created by some other player; battles can end up being featured on the homepage. Upon establishing a “battle,” the protocol locks the “bull” NFT(s) into a smart contract. Upon the determination of the winner, the cards are transferred in a decentralized manner to the winner.

The original value of each type of NFT is listed below:

  • Black – 0.1 ETH
  • Aqua – 0.3 ETH
  • Xenon – 0.5 ETH
  • Rose – 0.7 ETH
  • Argon – 1 ETH
  • Tourmaline – 1.2 ETH
  • Radon – 1.7 ETH
  • Quantum – 2.2 ETH
  • Neon – 5 ETH
  • Iridium – 10 ETH


Common” cards can be bought on Rarible or other NFT marketplaces. A “Rare” card can ONLY be won from 4Bulls on 4BULLS.GAME via a “Fight” and CANNOT be purchased from the 4Bulls collection on Rarible. Each card can be “Recycled” on 4BULLS.GAME in exchange for 4B tokens (85% of the original value of the NFT).

IMPORTANT: Only “Rare” NFTs can be staked on 4BULLS.GAME.

To determine the winner of each battle, the 4Bulls Governance and Game Play Protocol first establishes a blockchain transaction (a unique transaction for each battle); then, a random number is generated (the timestamp and block difficulty of the transaction associated with a specific game is defined and the following formula is performed to determine the winner: random=uin8(uin256(hash)%50)). If the random number is between 0 and 24, then the creator of a “battle” wins; if the number is between 25 and 49, then the counterparty wins. The protocol transfers the locked NFT(s) to the winner.

4BULLS.GAME is a DAO, which allows the community to gain ownership of the project and empower a financially self-sustainable gaming platform. Revenues are generated from in-game fees and from purchases of “bull” NFTs.

DeFi staking mechanisms convert in-game profits from Ethereum (or other cryptocurrencies) to 4Bulls tokens (4B) and distribute the tokens proportionally to staked 4B token holders and staked “Rare” NFT holders.

Integrated with a hyper-scalable Layer 2 solution and built on the Ethereum Network, 4BULLS.GAME offers players opportunities to engage in gameplay with lower gas fees (transaction fees on Ethereum).